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Growing old
    is not a medical problem.

    The emphasis should be on living,
        not treating disease.


After Summit View, you will never think of senior well-being the same way again!

Our Model of Care: Well-Being

As a 21st Century Senior Community, Summit View is unique in the market place of senior services. While others focus on a "social" model or a "medical model", Summit View introduces the "Well-Being" model, based upon the latest research in how to help older adults truly thrive.

The process of aging well involves identifying and living out those things that give life meaning and purpose. It is recognizing that one is never too old to make a contribution and it is never too late to follow your passion and have goals and dreams. You've gained valuable life experience, wisdom, knowledge and skills as you've aged. At Summit View, these are not wasted, but become an important part of the tapestry, helping create well-being for the whole community.

Of course there are bumps in the road from time to time, but Summit View integrates resources into its program to provide enjoyable ways to help retain--or regain--functioning. You have an important life left to live and important things left to do.

Summit View offers a lot of enjoyable activities, good food, fun and socialization. It also offers help with medications transportation, and even bathing and dressing if needed--but these simply provide the backdrop for truly living life well.

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